FREE Among Us Crewmate Crochet Pattern

FREE Among Us Crochet Pattern

You must be here because you (or a human in your life) is a big fan of the game, Among Us! This mafia-type game gained a ton of popularity during 2020, and I have a feeling that lock-down during Covid had something to do with it.

I wrote this free pattern as a novice and so it doesn’t have as many process photos to accompany the pattern. However, I still wanted to share it here on my blog for you to enjoy. Since I first began, my pattern writing has really taken off and I’ve improved my photo taking/pattern formats. For now, I’m focusing my energy on the new patterns I write going forward but hopefully I can revisit this pattern and give it a makeover in the future.

Note: Please do not copy/redistribute any part of this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell your finished products in small quantities – I only ask that you give credit to help support my work :). I would also love for you to share photos of your cute creations made with my pattern by tagging me on Instagram @curiouspapaya. Thank you!




-medium worsted yarn in whichever base color you choose

-size 2.75 hook (you may choose to go up to 3.5 mm)

-yarn needle

-fiber fill stuffing





-SC: single crochet

-INC: increase

-DEC: decrease

-HDC: half double crochet

-CH: chain

-SLST: slip stitch

-BLO: back loops only

-RND(s): round(s)

-ST(s): stitch(es)


LEGS (in the base color you choose):


RND 1: Make a magic circle and (SC) x 6 [6]

RND 2: (INC) x 6  [12]

RND 3: BLO – SC all around [12]

RND 4-6: SC all around (3 RNDs total) [12]

-Fasten off. Repeat rounds 1-6 to create the second leg. Do not fasten off the second leg since we’ll be joining pieces. 


BODY (in whatever base color you choose)


Stuff the body as you go and be sure to stuff the legs first. I like to roll up the fiber fill stuffing so they perfectly fit in the legs.

RND 8-15: SC all around (8 RNDs total) [28]

RND 16: (5 SC, DEC) x 4 [24]

RND 17: (2 SC, DEC) x 6 [18]

RND 18: (SC, DEC) x 6 [12]


Stuff the very top of the body after row 18 using a pair of sharp scissors to push the stuffing down.  Fasten off and sew the opening closed.


BACKPACK (in the base color you choose)


RND 1: CH 10. Starting in the second CH from the hook, HDC into each ST. Work on the other side of the chain and HDC into each ST. [18]

RND 2: BLO – HDC all around [18]

RND 3-6: HDC all around (4 RNDs total) [18]

RND 7: BLO – SC all around [18]


Fasten off. Leave a tail for sewing the backpack closed as well as for fastening it onto the body of your crewmate. Lightly stuff. Sew closed using the BLO.


GOGGLES (in light blue yarn):


RND 1: CH 9. Starting in the second CH from the hook, HDC into the next 8 STs. Work on the other side of the CH and HDC into the next 8 STs. [16]

RND 2: HDC all the way around [16]

*Helpful color changing tip: On the last stitch of RND 2, yarn over as if doing a HDC stitch and yarn over in the NEW color. This will make the color change less steep. Change to black yarn. 

RND 3: BLO – SC all around. Keep the yarn tension loose to avoid cinching the goggles. SLST into the first stitch and leave a tail before fastening off. [16]


Change to white yarn. Create a highlight on the goggles by weaving your
yarn through diagonally. Fasten off.




  1. Sew the backpack onto the body with the part that you chained facing the top since it is neater.
  2. When sewing the goggles on, mark it with pins so that it stays centered. Sew it on through the BLO. 


That’s it! Your crewmate is finished! I love to feature people’s creations using my patterns on my Instagram if you’d like to post/tag me 🙂


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