FREE Chunky Bao Pattern

FREE Chunky Bao Crochet Pattern Attention all foodies! Here's a new pattern for ya! Baozi (pronounced BAO-dzi), or bao for short, is a popular Chinese bun stuffed with all kinds of deliciousness! They usually have savory meat fillings but you can also find vegetarian options too. I have many fond childhood memories of my Amah (or grandma) [...]

FREE Butter Crochet Pattern

FREE Butter Crochet Pattern Where my BTS fans at?! I gotta admit, I was pretty late to the party. My students would SQUEEL over this K-pop boy band and come to class all decked out in BTS gear. I figured that my days of being a K-pop fan girl were over (Big Bang, Super Junior, [...]

FREE Boba Crochet Pattern

FREE Boba Crochet Pattern I’m excited to share a very special treat with you. This popular dessert drink comes all the way from Taiwan, where my roots are from. Traditional Milk Tea consists of sweetened black tea mixed with milk and chewy tapioca balls, or what we call pearls.   Nowadays, the flavors and toppings [...]

FREE Sea Otters Crochet Pattern

FREE Sea Otters Crochet Pattern Have you seen anything more adorable than a pair of cuties OTTERLY in love? Of course not! 😉 This is a perfect project for crocheters of all levels.     Note: Please do not copy/redistribute any part of this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell your finished products [...]

FREE Among Us Crewmate Crochet Pattern

FREE Among Us Crochet Pattern You must be here because you (or a human in your life) is a big fan of the game, Among Us! This mafia-type game gained a ton of popularity during 2020, and I have a feeling that lock-down during Covid had something to do with it. I wrote this free [...]

FREE Gertrude the Grumpy Chick Crochet Pattern

FREE Gertrude the Grumpy Chick Crochet Pattern Ahh... Spring is in the air and all the cute little chicks and bunnies are making their way here for Easter! But this isn't your average chick. She's spunky, grumpy, and she may kimchi-slap you if you push her buttons (did anyone get that reference? If not, Google [...]

FREE Angry TP Roll Crochet Pattern

FREE Angry Toilet Paper Roll Crochet Pattern So... 2020 was a pretty tough year for all of us. Amongst the craziness was the supreme hoarding of toilet paper since everyone was panicking about not having enough. To commemorate this crappy year (excuse me), I wanted to bring a little relief to others with sharing this [...]

FREE Red Envelope (Hong Bao) Crochet Pattern

FREE Red Envelope (Hong Bao) Crochet Pattern Ah, the year of the Ox! What better way to celebrate than to make a handmade Red Envelope with his cute face on it? *If you prefer to print off a PDF pattern instead, you can find it in my shop! Your support also allows me to continue [...]

FREE Reversible Moody Octopus Crochet Pattern

Free Reversible Moody Octopus Crochet Pattern   Hey everyone! I originally designed this crochet pattern around Valentine's Day for others to make their very own. The Reversible Moody Octopus is based off of the famous plush! It's fun to cuddle, but most of all, makes a funny gift for you and your significant other. You'll [...]


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