10 Free Tiger Patterns - Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

2022 is the year of the Tiger. The tiger symbolizes strength and bravery. My little one who will be joining our family later this year will also be a tiger, so I wanted to create this pattern roundup for all of you to enjoy!

Note: This selection of free tiger patterns has been carefully curated with the consent of each individual designer. Please do not repost this roundup as your own. Sharing the direct link to this post however is appreciated. Thanks for supporting my work! 

Click on the title to find each free pattern.

1. Chinese New Year Tiger by All About Ami



Up first is this super adorable tiger by All About Ami! With lots of process photos and new techniques to pick up, this pattern is perfect for those who are at the beginner-intermediate level.

The designer Stephanie loves celebrating Lunar New Year with her favorite dish, baked sweet glutinous rice. Check out her recipe here.


2. Year of the Tiger by Ohana Craft


Next is this little tiger pattern by Ohana Craft. He's too cute for words! Grab your yarn and hook and follow this fun crochet-along video for this beginner friendly pattern.

Carrie's favorite food to celebrate this holiday are some good ol' dumplings. Can't go wrong with that!


3. Taterz the Chubby Tiger by Curious Papaya



Introducing Taterz, a design by yours truly. He can't get enough of the holiday festivities and is what he likes to say, "round and proud". This beginner-friendly pattern is sure to charm others!

My favorite Lunar New Year dish has gotta be sago soup with taro. It's a sweet, hot dessert to keep you nice and warm!


4. Year of the Tiger by Ollie + Holly


This stunning and detailed pattern is brought to you by Ollie Holly Crochet. This beginner-intermediate design is made simple with all of its helpful tips and process photos. Might I say, what a cute outfit!

Abby, the creator behind this amazing pattern, enjoys vermicelli noodles - the perfect staple for any LNY feast.


5. (no longer available)


6. Amigurumi Tiger by Little Love Every Day


Next, we have this chibi tiger that immediately makes you go, "aww!" Little Love Every Day strikes again with her adorable makes. This beginner-friendly pattern comes with detailed instructions and is the perfect handheld size for cuddling.


7. RAWRsome Tiger by Zinc Yu


Next up is this fuzzy, chenille tiger pattern by Zinc Yu. The little eyebrows are my weakness.

Fong's favorite food to eat on this very special holiday is none other but pineapple cakes. This sweet shortbread dessert is one of my favorites too.


8. Tiger Amigurumi by Lucy Rose Toys


Brought to you by Lucy Rose Toys, this chubby, chibi tiger is the perfect squish ball shape. I love its simple and soft features!


9. Tian the Tiger by Craft Tin Love



Tian the Tiger looks so playful and sweet! Designed by the talented Craft Tin Love, this pattern is a relaxing make to cuddle up with on the couch.

Sandra, the designer, finds tang yuan (sweet sticky rice balls with black sesame paste) irresistible during the holidays! I'm with you on that one.


10. Paper Tiger by Sir Purl Grey


And last but not least for this free tiger roundup is this unique Paper Tiger. Designed by Sir Purl Grey, this fierce kitty is inspired by Animal Crossing's paper tiger object (or everyone's original make-shift pet before the cooler animals replaced it - ha!).

Phillip's favorite Lunar New Year dish is Banh Chung, a Vietnamese sticky rice cake with mung bean filling. Mm!

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I love all your patterns. I have gotten some of the free patterns. To try to get the handle of doing this type of crocheting

Laura Ruby

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