15 Free Bunny Crochet Patterns

15 FREE Bunny Crochet Patterns

Hello my yarnlings! Amy here - I'm excited to share a few of my favorite FREE bunny crochet patterns. These have been carefully curated by moi to offer you a nice variety to get your Spring crochet on :) Scroll through for some cuteness and bunny puns. Let's hop to it, shall we? 

1. Bunny Baskets by curiouspapaya

Brought to you by yours truly! Here's a ~1 hr project that will use bungee or T-shirt yarn. 


2. Fleece Bunny by All About Ami


Who's hoppy to see you? This lil' bun! Super soft and cuddly sized, this pattern calls for fluffy fleece yarn. Stephanie includes some great tips and helpful diagrams to help you work with this yarn. 


3. Little Bunny by Beary Bearnita



Don't worry, be hoppy! Hien Hanh's little bunny has an adorable chibi head. Her pink dress is too cute for words. 


4. Bunny by Rnata


Sweet in pastel, this free bunny pattern by Natalia also includes instructions for the hearts. A double whammy!


5. Little Bunny Bag by Le Petite Mains de Khuc Cay

Perfect for Easter egg hunting, this sweet bag works up quickly and is to die for! 


6. Bunny Wall Hanger by Ned and Mimi


These cute muli-colored pompom tail is my favorite part of Sarah's adorable design. Be sure to check out her other free patterns on her very polished blog! 


4. Easter Bunny by Amigurumi Today


Where are these bunny pals going to eat? IHOP! These bunnies have a different pose than many of the upright, humanoid ones. Love the variation! 


5. Bunny Lovey Pattern by Cuddly Stitches Craft


I just want somebunny to love! Well, this adorable lovey looks SO comforting - a perfect gift for that special little one. 


6. Henri Le Lapin (Henry the Rabbit) by Les Mailles Du Rocher



Everyone needs a friend who's all ears. Sweet little Henri is your classic, Spring bunny that's perfect for beginners. 


7. Little Bunny Applique by Thores Cottage



What's a happy bunny called? A hoptomist. These appliques would make cute little coasters or a wearable pin! 


8. Crochet Easter Peep by Rose and Lily

What do you call a rabbit housekeeper? A dust bunny. These peep-rific bunnies are super quick and easy to whip up. Rose and Lily also has a wonderful Youtube channel! 

9. Poncino by n_iniko


Oh, what bunnyful eyes! This cute, innocent bunny would be hard to say "no" to. I especially like the floppy, relaxed ears.


10. Easter Bunny Potholder by Raffamusa


Hey, hop stuff. Festive AND practical? This is a super cute Spring themed potholder that uses Tapestry crochet techniques. A fun challenge! 


11. Mini Bunny Wall Hanging by Stitch By Fay


Fay's designs embrace the beauty of simplicity. This wall hanger is SO neat, and would be perfect hanging in a cozy little nook. 

12. Easter Placeholders by Elisa's Crochet


Planning a little Spring soiree? Elisa's playful and whimsical makes are always a hit. 


13. Crochet Bunny Bonnet by Left In Knots


Megan's snuggly bunny bonnet pattern comes with instructions to modify the sizes so that it fits perfectly. (I need one for myself now)! Plus, she also has great left-handed tutorials.


14. Sleepy Baby Bunny by Bella Coco

I can't get enough of these adorable loveys! A mix of your classic amigurumi + a mini blanket design, these will keep your littles safe and comforted at night. 


15. Modern Bunny Lovey by Daisy Farm Crafts


And last but certainly not least in this roundup, we have Tiffany's gorgeous bunny lovey. Her modern designs will make all the minimalists squeal with delight.  


If you enjoyed this roundup, please be sure to leave a comment and to share it with a friend or two!

Happy crocheting, Amy (curiouspapaya)

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Omg I can make a crochet pikachu now.

Dian Renatha Anggreani

Hello Nquire!
I don’t believe you need to sign up for Instagram to view the posts with the patterns. Also, only a couple of the patterns are from Instagram – the rest are on the respective designers’ blogs. :) Cheers!

Amy Ting

I think I’ve worked it out, 15 freebies plus 3 that you Habe 6o be a member of Instagram to get.


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