Invisible Finish Tutorial

The invisible finish is an amigurumi technique used when fastening off a piece with an open edge (such as a circle or a bowl-shape). I use it in several of my patterns and so I created this guide to help you learn how to do it - and - why it's important!

Because we are working in a spiral, each rnd will stack on top of each other and create a "jog" (or a stagger) as you can see in the featured image. To help alleviate this jog, we can use the invisible finish. This creates a faux stitch that hides where you fastened off.



STEP 1: Fasten off by cutting off your yarn and pulling the tail through. Thread it into a needle. Skip one st and go into the one next to it in the direction of the arrow and pull the tail through. (photo above)



STEP 2: Go back into the blo of the st we originally came out of. This will create a "faux stitch" (that looks like a horizontal V).




STEP 3: Pull the yarn through and use fabric glue to secure the tail down on the wrong side. (See? Invisible! The faux stitch we created is shown by the arrow).


And there you have it, the invisible finish! I hope you find this tip helpful. :)

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I love this finish. I use it all the time.


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