Free Crochet Pattern - Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are so festive and the pastels are truly symbolic of Spring! My pattern was built with beginners in mind and super addictive to make. 

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*Use stitch markers to keep track of the beginning of each round

*This pattern has variations involving color changing. Because we are working in a spiral, we will have jogs between each round. To make the striped color changes more subtle, we will use the method of making a slst into the last st of the rnd right before the color change. Then, insert hook into the first st of the next rnd and begin working with the new color. This will help alleviate the jog.

*This is a beginner-friendly pattern.

*Please email me at with any questions you might have about this pattern.


-Check out the list of my FAVORITE CROCHET TOOLS!

-Any medium worsted yarn in pastel colors 
-4 mm hook
-Scissors, stitch markers, darning needle
-Fiberfill stuffing



-Dec – (invisible) decrease
-Inc – increase 
-Sc –  single crochet
-St(s) – stitch
-Rnd(s) – round(s)
-[#] – stitch count
-(…) x # – repeat the instructions within the parentheses # of times

BASE PATTERN for the Egg:  

*Note: Scroll down to find the variations you can make. 


Rnd 1: Make a magic ring and (sc) x 6 [6]

Rnd 2: (inc) x 6 [12]

Rnd 3: Sc all around [12]

Rnd 4: (sc, inc) x 6 [18]

Rnd 5-6 (2 rnds total): Sc around [18]

Rnd 7: (4 sc, inc, 4 sc) x 2 [20]

Rnd 8: (9 sc, inc) x 2 [22]

Rnd 9-10 (2 rnds total): Sc around [22]

Rnd 11: (3 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec) x 2 [18]

Rnd 12: (sc, dec) x 6 [12]

Stuff firmly. 

Rnd 13: (dec) x 6 [6]




1: Stripes 1: 3 rnds of color a, 1 rnd of color b. Repeat until the end. 

2: Stripes 2: 3 rnds of color a. (2 rnds of color b, 2 rnds of color a). Repeat until the end. 

3: Multi-colored:  I used the same hook but if you need to, size up half a hook size. Double strand 2 colors of your choice and follow the pattern accordingly. (Your stitches may be a bit tighter but this will keep the eggs more uniform in shape). 

4: Polkadots: Create french knots using a contrasting color.

5: Floral Embroidery: Cut a long strand of the stem color and starting from the bottom center, weave it around the egg with alternating lengths. Then, cut a long strand of the flower color and create 3 small loops for each flower petal. Fasten off and bury your tails. [photo tutorial below]




There are so many variations you can make! Soon, your basket will be full of them.

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These are so cute! I’m going to make a bunch of them!! Thank you so much!


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