Free Crochet Pattern - Reversible Octopus

Free Crochet Pattern - Reversible Octopus

Hey everyone! I originally designed this crochet pattern around Valentine's Day for others to make their very own. The Reversible Moody Octopus is based off of the famous plush! It's fun to cuddle, but most of all, makes a funny gift for you and your significant other. You'll never have to guess if they're upset again! ;)


*If you prefer an ad-free, printable PDF version of this pattern, you can purchase it HERE. Thanks for supporting my designs! 



-Please do not copy/redistribute any part of this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell your finished products in small quantities - I only ask that you give credit by providing a link to my blog to help support my work :). I would also love for you to share photos of your cute creations made with my pattern by tagging me on Instagram @curiouspapaya. Thank you!

-The head is worked in a spiral.


-Velvet yarn in pink and red (here, I'm using Yarnspirations Bernat Velvet)

-Size 6 mm hook

-Yarn needle, scissors, stitch markers, fabric glue

-A choice of: red, yellow, black felt -or- size 16 mm safety eyes and black yarn for the mouth



-SC (single crochet)

-CH (chain)

-SLST (slip stitch)

-INC (increase)

-DEC (decrease)



-Use a stitch marker and count your stitches after each round.

-Use pins when sewing parts together and check for uniformity.

-Fluff up your stuffing by pulling it apart and inserting it little by little to make your amigurumi more even. Stuff it some more right before closing using the tips of your scissors for a firmer shape. 

BODY (make the first one in color A and the second one in color B): 

RND 1: Make a magic circle and (SC) x6 [6]

RND 2: (INC) x 6 [12]

RND 3: (SC, INC) x 6 [18]

RND 4: (2 SC, INC) x 6 [24]

RND 5: (3 SC, INC) x 6 [30]

RND 6-10: SC all around (5 rounds total) [30]

RND 11: (3 SC, DEC) x 6 [24]

RND 12: (2 SC, DEC) x 6 [18]

Fasten off and leave a short tail on the first octopus’s body. Make a second, leaving a 10 inch tail to sew the two bodies together.


LEGS (make eight in both colors A and B): 

ROW 1: CH 7. SC in to the next 5 stitches. (SC) x 3 into the last stitch and work on the other side of the chain [8]

ROW 2: SC into the next 6 stitches. [14]

SLST into the next available stitch and fasten off, leaving a short tail on the first 8 legs of color A. Leave a longer tail on color B when fastening off.




*Note: Be creative with your facial expressions! I made two variations to use as examples; one using safety eyes and yarn and the other using felt. For the pattern, we'll be using the safety eyes to demonstrate.


EYES: Insert the safety eyes between rows 7 & 8, 6 stitches apart. [img 1]


EYELIDS: For the angry octopus, cut off 10 inches of red yarn. Using a yarn needle, loop over the eyes to make it "angry" looking. You can secure the yarn onto the eyes with fabric glue so it doesn't shift. [img 1]


MOUTH: Cut off about 8 inches of black yarn and create an upside down V for the angry octopus and a smile for the happy one with medium worsted yarn.  [img 1]




*Note: If using felt for the facial features as I did, skip the directions in "body" and simply secure your felt cutouts on after sewing everything together.


BODY/LEGS: Lightly stuff the body in color A, leaving a gap in the center where the body in color B will be inserted.

Stuff the body in color A into the body in color B. Play around with the placement so that when you flip it, the different faces will face you.

Sew the two edges together going through both loops of both colors. Attach the bodies as you sew around the body as well.



Your Reversible Moody Octopus is finished! And just remember... if someone's having a crappy day, you can help change that into a happy day with this little cutie.

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