Free Crochet Pattern - Pikachub Pt. 2

Free Crochet Pattern - Pikachub Pt. 2


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Row 8: Starting in the second ch from the hook, sc into the next 6 sts. Skip the last 4 sts. Ch 1, turn. [6]

Row 9: Sc down the row. Ch 1, turn (so the right side is facing you). [6]


Fasten off and leave a short tail of the first piece.


On the second piece, leave a very long brown tail that will be used for sewing the two pieces together on the brown part of the tail (and onto the body) before starting the slipknot.

When you finish the second piece, don't fasten off. Lay the two pieces on top of each other and sc around the border. [img 4]




For each “outer” corner (a), sc, ch 1, sc into the same st.

For each “inner” corner (b), slst into it.


When you get to the brown part of the tail, pick up the brown yarn (the long tail we left at the start of the second piece).

Sandwich all of the loose yarn tails in between the two pieces as you sc around the border.

When you get to the yellow part of the tail, pickup the yellow yarn. Fasten off the brown, leaving a long tail for sewing onto the body.


Finish with an invisible finishBelow is an image of the completed tail. [img 5]




*Note: Be sure to bury all your excess yarn tails to secure all the sewn parts.


Head/Ears: Angle the ears so that the brown part is slanted. Sew the ears on between rnds 3-5 and be sure to flatten one ear to the side.


Head/Body: For the laying position (A), place the body at the back of the head and sew between rnds 7-13. For the standing position (B), sew the head on top of the body.


Cheeks: Use fabric glue to secure the cheeks on the head between rnds 10-12. Cut off any excess yarn tails.



(A) Lay the body against a flat surface and pin the limbs on so they touch the surface. Do NOT eyeball this or you'll have floating limbs! Sew the arms on 6 sts apart from the belly-side between rnds 1-3 (counting from the top to bottom of the body).

(B) Sew arms on 8 sts apart between rnds 1-3.



(A) Sew the legs on 6 sts apart from the belly-side between rnds 11-13.

(B) Sew the legs on 14 sts apart between rnds 8-10 of the body.


Facial Details:

(A) Cut the features out of dark brown felt. Secure eyes on rnd 10 and nose on rnd 11.

(B) Cut a long strand of dark brown embroidery thread and create the eyes on rnd 10, 6 sts apart. Cont. onto the mouth 2 rnds below the eyes. Cut the felt nose and secure it between rnds 10-11.



(A) Cut off a long strand of brown yarn and use your tapestry needle to create the stripes on the backside. Overlap the stripes 2x through. Sew the top stripe between rnds 6-7, 12 sts apart and the bottom stripe between 9-10, 16 sts apart. Sew the tail onto the backside 2 rnds below the bottom stripe.

(B) Make the stripes 1 rnd higher. Make the bumhole with pink embroidery thread. [img 5]


Thank you for making my Pikachub!

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