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Free Patterns

Halloween Crochet-Along 2022

Join us for our Halloween Crochet-Along 2022! Pumpkin spice... cider mills... adorable and creepy jack-o-lanterns... all this must mean one thing - SPOOKY season is upon us! To celebrate, I've teamed up with a few of my favorite amigurumi designers - Lemon Yarn Creations, Wandering Deer, and One Little Rag Doll. Together, we present to [...]

FREE Mix n’ Match Cupcake Crochet Pattern

FREE Mix n' Match Cupcakes Crochet Pattern If you prefer, you can find the ad-free and printable pattern here.   Calling all who have a Sweet Tooth! My Mix n' Match Cupcakes come in the classic flavors - chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry but of course, the options are limitless. They work up quickly and use [...]

FREE Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

FREE Pumpkin Crochet Pattern Who’s ready for spooky season?! (I sure am… but of course with my extra flair!) *You can find a printable, PDF version of this pattern for a small fee here. Thank you for supporting my designs! What better way to get into the mood than with crocheted pumpkins? I personally LOVE the [...]

FREE Giant Kimbap Pattern

FREE Giant Kimbap Pattern Hey everyone, it’s Amy from curiouspapaya. I’m excited to share a favorite Korean childhood snack of mine – kimbap!   Kimbap is made of two different words in Korean – Kim– seaweed, and bap – rice. Some people might think kimbap is a type of sushi but they’re actually different. They may look [...]

FREE Pikachub Pattern Pt. 2

FREE Pikachub Pattern Pt. 2 NOTES: *An ad-free, printable PDF version of this pattern is available for purchase HERE. Thanks for supporting my designs! *Find Pt. 1 of the pattern HERE.  Row 8: Starting in the second ch from the hook, sc into the next 6 sts. Skip the last 4 sts. Ch 1, turn. [6] Row 9: [...]

FREE Pikachub Pattern Pt. 1

FREE Pikachub Pattern NOTES: *An ad-free, printable PDF version of this pattern is available for purchase HERE. Thanks for supporting my designs!   *Please do not copy/redistribute any part of this pattern as your own. This includes reposting/translating without permission. The right-click disabling is to prevent theft - thank you for understanding and for supporting [...]

Tips and Techniques

How to Make Eye Indentations

How to Make Eye Indentations Eye indentations are a neat technique you can use when making amigurumi! My favorite part about using this trick is that it makes the cheeks of my plushies more puffy and cute. Follow this simple tutorial below to learn how.   MATERIALS:  -Yarn needle -Yarn (preferably the excess tail of [...]

Invisible Finish

Invisible Finish The invisible finish is an amigurumi technique used when fastening off a piece with an open edge (such as a circle or a bowl-shape). I use it in several of my patterns and so I created this guide to help you learn how to do it - and - why it's important! Because we are [...]


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