Free Crochet Pattern - Joey the Duckling

Free Crochet Pattern - Joey the Duckling

Could it be? Has Gertrude the Grumpy chick found love?

Meet Joey, Gerty's new man! It was fate that led these two love birds together.

. . . . .

One fine Saturday evening, Gertrude was chowing down at her favorite all-you-can-eat buffet in town. Noodles... pizza... sushi... the list was endless! She was stuffed to the brim but still saved room for her obligatory dessert. 

She waited and waited, but to her dismay, the ice cream bar had still not been replenished. "Well, it'd be a waste to leave without my favorite treat! *sigh," she grumbled to herself.

Just then, a waiter pushed through the large double doors of the kitchen with a metal cart piled high with... you guessed it - freshly scooped ice cream! 

Gertrude felt her heart leap as she jumped up and waddled over as quickly as she could. Seems like the rest of those dining in also had the same idea, and it soon became a chaotic scene. With all of the pushing and crowding, poor Gertrude couldn't see above the others! When she finally made her way to the dessert counter, there was one glorious bowl left. 

Just as she reached for it, so did someone else. Quick to fight for what was rightfully hers, she turned to stare her opponent down - but her ferocity melted away the moment she locked eyes with the most handsome quacker she had ever laid eyes on. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" the duckling said bashfully. "Here, you should enjoy this. I'll wait for the next round," he finished. Gertrude's cheeks quickly turned kimchi-red, and as the duckling prepared to turn away, she surprised herself as she heard her course voice speak before she even had time to think. "W-wait! I'd be happy to share this... that is, if you don't mind," she said. 

Surprised, the duckling smiled. "Really? That'd be so neat. I'm Joey, by the way. Weow... you're really pretty..." he quacked. "What was that??" Gertrude asked. "N-nothing! What's your name again?" Joey nervously laughed. "The name's Gertrude! But all my friends call me Gerty..." Gertrude replied.

. . . . .

*This is a free modification of Gertrude the Grumpy Chick's pattern. You can find her pattern HERE. 


-Light green, white, light brown, black, and yellow yarn (here, I'm using Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/8 yarn which is a light worsted #3 weight)

-2.75 mm hook

-Yarn needle, scissors, stitch markers

-Size 7 mm safety eyes

-Fiber fill stuffing



-ch (chain)

-dec (invisible decrease)

-flo (front loops only)

-inc (increase)

-sc (single crochet)

-slst (slip stitch)



-Be sure to use the same yarn weight and hook size as what you used for Gertrude the Grumpy chick for uniformity.

-Read the pattern fully before beginning to familiarize yourself with it.

-Use a stitch marker and count your stitches after each round.

-Use pins when sewing parts together and check for uniformity.

-Fluff up your stuffing by pulling it apart and inserting it little by little to make your amigurumi more even. Stuff it some more right before closing using the tips of your scissors for a firmer shape. 

HEAD (in light green yarn):

RND 1: Make a magic circle and (SC) x 6 [6]

RND 2: (INC) x 6 [12]

RND 3: (SC, INC) x 6 [18]

RND 4: (2 SC, INC) x 6 [24]

RND 5: (3 SC, INC) x 6 [30]

RND 6: (4 SC, INC) x 6 [36]

RND 7-10: SC all around (4 RNDs total) [36]

RND 11: (INC) x 4, 10 SC, (INC) x 4, 18 SC [44]

RND 12: SC all around [44]

RND 13: (20 SC, DEC) x 2 [42]

RND 14: (5 SC, DEC) x 6 [36]

RND 15: (4 SC, DEC) x 6 [30]

RND 16: (3 SC, DEC) x 6 [24]

RND 17: (2 SC, DEC) x 6 [18]


Attach the safety eyes between RNDs 10 & 11, 7 ST apart with 5 spaces in between.


Stuff the head and fill out the two cheeks well.


Change to white yarn and continue onto the body.


BODY (start in white yarn):

RND 1: FLO - (INC) x 18 [36]

RND 2: SC all around [36]


Change to light brown yarn.


RND 3: (5 SC, INC) x 6 [42]

RND 4-5: SC all around (2 RNDs total) [42]

RND 6: (5 SC, DEC) x 6 [36]

RND 7: (4 SC, DEC) x 6 [30]

RND 8: (3 SC, DEC) x 6 [24]

RND 9: (2 SC, DEC) x 6 [18]


Leave a 10 inch tail and fasten off. Stuff the body some more. Sew the hole by using your yarn needle and going through the front loops only and cinching it closed.

*Note: Sewing the hole closed at 18 sts is not a mistake! :) This will allow the duck to have a flat bottom to sit up on. I must emphasize the importance of stuffing it well enough so that you don't get a wavy bottomside! 



WINGS (make two in light brown yarn):

RND 1: CH 5. Starting in the second CH from the hook, (SC) x 4. Work along the bottom of the chain. (SC) x 4 [8]

RND 2-3: SC all around (2 RNDs total) [8]

RND 4: (2 SC, DEC) x 2 [6]

RND 5: SC all around [6] 


Fasten off. Leave an 8 inch tail for sewing. Do not stuff.

FEET (make two in yellow yarn): 

RND 1: CH 2. SLST into the second CH from the hook. This will be the back part of the duck’s foot. Add a stitch marker here. *CH 2, SC into the second CH from the hook, SLST into the ST with the stitch marker.* This is the first toe.

Repeat between the ** two more times to make a total of three toes. Fasten off. Leave an 8 inch tail for sewing. 


*Note: image is from Gertrude's pattern

BEAK (in yellow yarn): 

RND 1: CH 5. Starting in the second CH from the hook, SC into the next four ST. Now that you are at the end of the row, work along the bottom of the CH. SC into the next four ST. [8]

RND 2: SC all around [8] 

Leave an 8 inch tail and use the invisible finish to fasten off.


*Note: image is from Gertrude's pattern



BEAK: Sew the beak between rows 10-11. Because it is a bowl-shape, pinch it with your fingers.


EYEBROWS: Cut off 12 inches of black yarn and weave it through 2 RNDs above each eye, 2 STs wide. 


WINGS: Use the beak as your reference point to the middle of the body. Flatten the wings and sew them closed. Then, sew them on where the head meets the body ~16 STs apart on the chest. One wing will cover up the jog in the color change. 


FEET: Sew the feet on between RNDs 5-7 of the body, 5 ST apart.



Joey is completed. Thanks for making this lovely pair! If you enjoyed this pattern, please leave a comment and share it with a friend :)



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Love your story, and love how cute all your creations are.

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