Free Crochet Pattern - Sea Otters

Free Crochet Pattern - Sea Otters

Have you seen anything more adorable than a pair of cuties OTTERLY in love? Of course not! ;) This is a perfect project for crocheters of all levels.


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*Find the (almost) NO-SEW BABY OTTER pattern HERE

*Note: Please do not copy/redistribute any part of this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell your finished products in small quantities - I only ask that you give credit to help support my work :). I would also love for you to share photos of your cute creations made with my pattern by tagging #curiouspapaya. Thank you!


*We will be working in a spiral.



-Cream and brown yarn (here, I'm using Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/6 in Oatmilk (03) and Cappuccino (10).

     *You only need 1 skein of each color.

-Size 2.25 mm hook

-Yarn needle, scissors, stitch markers

-Dark brown embroidery thread for the eyes/mouth (can substitute with safety eyes too)

-Fiber fill stuffing



-dec: decrease

-flo:  front loops only

-inc: increase

-sc: single crochet

-slst: slip stitch

-st(s): stitch(es)

-rnd(s): round(s)

-(...) x #: repeat directions in the parentheses # of times

HEAD (in oatmilk yarn):  

*Note: This pattern calls for the eyes to be added after the piece is closed. If you prefer to skip making the eye indentations and to insert safety eyes instead, do so between rnds 12-13, 7 sts apart.



Rnd 1: Make a magic circle and (sc) x6 [6]

Rnd 2: (inc) x6 [12]

Rnd 3: (sc, inc) x6 [18]

Rnd 4: (sc, inc, sc) x6 [24]

Rnd 5: (3 sc, inc) x6 [30]

Rnd 6: (2 sc, inc, 2 sc) x6 [36]

Rnds 7-10 (4 rnds total): sc all around [36]

Rnd 11: (sc, inc) x6, 24 sc [42]

Rnds 12-13 (2 rnds total): sc all around [42]

Rnd 14: (5 sc, dec) x6 [36]

Rnd15: (4 sc, dec) x6 [30]

Rnd 16: (3 sc, dec) x6 [24]

Rnd 17: (2 sc, dec) x6 [18]


Change to cappuccino yarn. Stuff the head well and be sure to fill out the cheeks and continue to stuff the body as you work. 


BODY (in cappuccino yarn): 

Rnd 1: (flo) - sc all around [18]

Rnd 2: (sc, inc, sc) x6 [24]

Rnd 3: (3 sc, inc) x6 [30]

Rnds 4-14 (11 rnds total): sc all around [30]

Rnd 15: (3 sc, dec) x6 [24]

Rnd 16: (sc, dec, sc) x6 [18]

Rnd 17: (sc, dec) x6 [12]


Stuff some more with the tips of your scissors. Fasten off and sew the hole closed. 


EARS (make two in cappuccino yarn): 

Rnd 1: Make a magic circle and (sc) x5 [5]

Pull the ring closed and fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing. 


*Note: The ear will create a semi-circle!  


NOSE (in cappuccino yarn): 

Rnd 1: ch 4. Starting in the second ch from the hook, sc in the next two sts, make 3 sc into the next st. Work along the bottom of the ch now. sc into the next 2 sts, inc into the last st. slst into the first st. [8]


*Note: The new start of the rnd starts after the slst.


Rnd 2: sc all around [8] 


Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing. 


ARMS (make two in cappuccino yarn): 


Rnd 1: Make a magic circle and (sc) x10 [10]

Rnds 2-9 (8 rnds total): sc all around [10]


Lightly stuff. Flatten the opening and sc through the two layers to close the piece. 


FEET (make two in cappuccino yarn):  


Rnd 1: Make a magic circle and (sc) x10 [10]

Rnds 2-3 (2 rnds total): sc all around [10]

Rnd 4: (3 sc, dec) x2 [8]

Rnd 5: sc all around [8]

Rnd 6: (2 sc, dec) x2 [6]


Fasten off leaving a tail for sewing. Lightly stuff. Sew the hole closed by going through the flo and cinching tight. 


TAIL (in cappuccino yarn): 

Rnd 1: make a magic circle and (sc) x3 [3]

Rnd 2: (inc) x3 [6]

Rnd 3: sc all around [6]

Rnd 4: (sc, inc) x3 [9]

Rnds 5-10 (5 rnds total): sc all around [9]


Lightly stuff. Flatten the opening and sc through the two layers to close the piece. 





NOSE: Find the center of the face where the cheeks protrude. Center the nose between rnds 10-12 and sew it on.


EYES: Follow my tutorial on how to create eye indentations between rnds 10-11, 1 st from each side of the nose. Then, use dark embroidery thread and create two eyes. 


EARS: Sew each ear between rnds 6-7 on both sides of the head.


MOUTH: Separate 2 strands from your embroidery thread (if it is 6 stranded) and create a line for the mouth between rnds 13-14.


ARMS: Position the arms so that the hands touch at the center of the body and sew them along rnds 1-5. Secure the arms near the "hands" onto the body by threading through a few times.

*Note: If you are making the SEA OTTER BABY (free pattern link later), sew the arms with a gap 6 sts wide (belly-side) so that the baby can lay on the mom! 


FEET: Sew the feet along rnds 8-13, 6 sts apart on the belly-side. 


TAIL: Sew the tail onto the bottom of the otter and slightly bend it so it's curved.



You're finished! Be sure to tag #curiouspapaya to share your makes. If you enjoyed this pattern, please leave a comment below! 

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Thank you for this! I just learned to crochet and this was my first project I made using a pattern only (no video tutorial). My otter is so cute!!! This was an easy pattern to follow and so well done.


About how big is the finished product?


Thank you so much!! My significant other’s grandmother absolutely loves otters! I can’t wait to make this!!!!!

Isaiah Joy

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